Art & Metaphysics Conference

Art & Metaphysics ConferenceThe modern and postmodern worlds offer distinctive angles on visual art’s relation to metaphysics. The conference will explore this distinctiveness by looking at ways in which, over the past century, philosophy, science, religion, and technology have provided contexts or influences which illuminate art’s metaphysical significance.

Session titles are

Metaphysics and Meaning in the Visual Arts
Biologistic Ideas in Modern Art and its Critical Discourse
The Sublime
Science in Art (and Vice Versa)
Organicism in Modern Art and Its Critical Discourse
Metaphysics and the Enclosure/Declaration of Space
Abstract Art, Spiritual Reality, and Infinity
Ontology and Meaning in New Media
Speakers include Mark Antliff, Paul Crowther, Ursula Frohne, Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Christina Lodder, Matthew Rampley, Isabel Wünsche, et. al.